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Summer solstice rose spray

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Summer Solstice Sacred Spray is all about Roses and other luscious, vibrant pink blooms associated with the heart of summer heat. This Summer Solstice Sacred Spray is powerfully intoxicating Rosa Damascena Absolute in energetically charged water. Rainbow Obsidian Volcanic Glass provides the Fire that is Summer, it keeps you planted firmly on the ground even as the Rose lifts you up to float among the clouds. There are four Flower Essences in this unique blend. Rhododendron made on the Black Rock Mountain in Georgia, as well as rhododendron flower essence made in Vermont specifically to add to this blend. Wild Rose Flower Essence made in Ogunquit, Maine with the last rays of sultry sun on Summer Solstice. The final Flower Essence is potent pink Peony made in VT also on the Summer Solstice in a garden buzzing with bees. If you love Roses, and Summer, chances are this is the Sacred Spray for you! As you know, nothing in this description has been evaluated or endorsed by the FDA nor is it meant to treat or diagnose. External use only. 

4 oz glass spritz bottle