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Summer Salvior After-Sun Rub


Summer Salvior After-Sun Rub

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Does anyone really need a bougie after-sun rub? No, but also YES because your precious skin deserves all the health + herbal goodness we can give it! Summer Salvior is loaded with herbs, plant butters + oils to repair, soothe + soften weather-worn skin.


HEADS UP! Due to the presence of shea + mango seed butters, the texture of Summer Salvior can sometimes get grainy. No need to fear, the texture will smooth out when applied to the skin, but if you feel the need to, you can simply pop your jar in a hot water bath until the entire contents liquefies. The salve will re-solidify with no grains in sight!


ORGANICALLY CRAFTED WITH: calendula • peppermint • lavender • aloe vera • ADK beeswax • oils of tamanu, evening primrose, pomegranate seed, coconut, babassu + sunflower • butters of shea + mango seed • essential oils of spearmint, frankincense, ylang ylang, lavender + chamomile •

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