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Merlin Incense


Merlin Incense

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Merlin, the legendary magician, presents the archetypal image of a wizard. He embodies knowledge, power - and the wisdom of how to use both. Whether we believe in him as a mythological or a historical character makes little difference to his importance as an archetype. He guards the traditions and lore concerning the ways of Mother Earth and is the keeper of her mysteries. His magic works in accordance with metaphysical laws and thus he is able to perform miracles beyond our ordinary comprehension. Burn this incense to invoke the guiding force of wisdom that is latent within all of us and to get in touch with the archetypal energy of this great magician.

Magical Collections
Mercury ~ Communication, understanding, divination, flexibility, direct energy in accordance with will.

Air ~ Ideas, concepts, thought, knowledge, mental powers, logos, reason, visualisation, understanding.