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Holy Thorn Incense


Holy Thorn Incense

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This incense is inspired by the legends of the Glastonbury Holy Thorn. Once upon a time a merchant and priest from the Holy Land known by the name of Joseph of Arimathea arrived on the shores of Britannia - some say accompanied by a little boy called Jesus (who later became known as 'the Christ'). They were on their way to Glastonbury to do some trade and to discuss certain issues with the local Druids. When they reached Wearyall Hill, Joseph struck his staff into the ground as he marvelled at the beautiful town below. To his surprise his staff immediately took root and began to flower. A descendant of the original Thorn tree can still be seen on Wearyall Hill. This incense includes authentic Glastonbury Thorn bark. It can be burnt to commemorate the legends of Joseph of Arimathea, who later established the first Christian Church in Britain at Glastonbury, or to invoke the power of the Holy Spirit that caused his staff to burst into flower.

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