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Heart of Venus Facial Serum
Heart of Venus Facial Serum


Heart of Venus Facial Serum

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2 oz // a supremely nourishing skin elixir that reveals the radiance within

This nourishing + moisturizing skin veil supports dry to extra dry and mature skin types in the most luxurious way. The infusion of herbs is a gentle formula with its heart set on protecting, soothing and conditioning your delicate facial skin.


TO USE: Facial serums work best when applied to a freshly cleansed face, and after optional toner or essence application. For very sensitive skin, measure 1 - 3 drops of Heart of Venus into palm and dilute with 5-7 drops of a neutral carrier oil; for full strength, measure 1/4 - 1/2 dropperful of Heart of Venus into palm. Spread evenly across face, neck + décolleté. Follow up with 3 Kingdoms Facial Moisturizer and Amrita Eye + Face Nectar.


ORGANICALLY CRAFTED WITH: oils of sesame, jojoba + pomegranate seed • chamomile • licorice root • rose • yarrow • calendula • neem • essential oils of french lavender, benzoin, ylang ylang + frankincense •


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