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Full moon shine spray

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Full Moon Shine Aura Amplifier is a radiant deeply glowing blend of scents that will fill you up with moonbeams and help you glow. Bathe in moonbeams, swim in the sky, dance on the stars, absorb night-blooming nectar, grow your glow. This full moon potion has herbs of Magical Possibilty from Ninnian's Evermore Gardens with items from my own garden making this blend even more potent and powerful. The delightful Angel Aura Moonstones look like iridescent bubbles within. White/gold mica makes it all shimmer and shine. Blue Lotus Absolute and essential oils of Clary Sage, Oakmoss, Mugwort, Cedarwood, and Ginger in full moon and energetically charged water. Special 2oz matte white glass bottle.

External Use Only. Not evaluated by the FDA.