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Hridaya Remedy- MJH


Hridaya Remedy- MJH

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2 oz // an offering for the heart

Hridaya Remedy promotes a healthy dynamic between the Heart's needs for expression + protection. In part, Hridaya Remedy serves as a hearty, reliable, quickly-absorbing skin salve that allows you to take a quick moment for potent self-care and then move on with your day. When needed, Hridaya Remedy goes deeper, carried by the subtle nadis, to tenderly support the multi-faceted prism that is your Heart. She’s versatile and multi-dimensional - just like you.


TO USE: To release or soothe tension caught around the heart, rub to the center of the sternum or use as a as a breast balm. To condition the skin of your heart-working hands or to infuse your work with your heart’s intention, rub a generous amount into palms, backs of hands and wrists. For a tender + gentle touch to your lips or extra-dry facial skin, apply as needed.


ORGANICALLY CRAFTED WITH: oils of castor + sunflower • arjuna • shatavari root • angelica root • mugwort • tulsi • ghee • beeswax • mimosa flower wax • linden blossom CO2 • rose absolute •


> for external use only. The information pertaining to Hridaya Remedy is for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical advice. All information and services provided by MJH LLC are for educational purposes and are not a substitute for medical care by a licensed healthcare professional. None of the information is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.