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Aquarius Incense


Aquarius Incense

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When the sun enters Aquarius winter seems to have gone on forever. The spirit grows restless and in response searches for diversion. Some may find it in social pursuits, others in solitary intellectual explorations, spinning new ideas, inventions, concepts and theories. Aquarius is a social and intellectual sign. A reformist, deeply concerned with social idealism and humanitarian visions, Aquarius may enter the arena of politics or become active at the grassroots level. Aquarius cares deeply about humanity, so long as no actual humans make any human demands on him. Aquarius likes to get involved with groups and charitable organisations, so long as he can be the leader. He is freedom loving and independent, but does not always grant others the same freedoms. Some people are more equal than others, and Aquarius is one of them. He can be eccentric and unconventional, and seems to have his fingers on the pulse of the cutting edge, even before a new trend emerges. He is into novelties and all sorts of technological advances, and is sucker for gadgets. He is interested in science and may treat is as a religion. Paradoxically he may also have a whim for 'far out' theories and may sometimes seek rational explanations for them. Yet, for the most part Aquarius is quite rational and makes decisions based on reasoning rather than gut feeling. In fact, feelings are a little suspect to him. He keeps them safely at a distance and does not like to be bothered with emotional outbreaks, which can make him seem aloof and cold. One can't reason with feelings and sometimes they threaten to undermine his lofty intellectual constructs. Aquarius' weakness is his utopian idealism and his hypocrisy. Aquarius needs to learn to 'walk his talk'.

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