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Bulgarian Rose Hydrating Mist
Bulgarian Rose Hydrating Mist

Bulgarian Rose Hydrating Mist

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Bulgarian Rose Hydrating Mist for Brightening & Nourishing

This sweet and luxurious facial mist supports the skin with it's delicate blend of plant hydrosols, plant waters and essential oils. Particularly suitable for skin experiencing dryness, dehydration and lack of luminosity.

Hydrosols are the water extract from the distillation of plant material. They are very gentle to the skin and are brimming with plant nutrients as well as containing trace amounts of essential oil.

-Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol is very soothing to skin tissue, contains naturally occuring Vitamin C for brightening, supports skin that tends toward couperose conditions like broken capillaries and encourages self love
-Jasmine Hydrosol helps to calm inflammation as well as tones and balances skin
-Aloe Vera Water soothes beautifully
-Castor Oil supports the healing of scar tissue

Directions- After cleansing, shake and spritz liberally over face, neck and decollete. While skin is still damp, finish with 4-6 drops of your preferred facial oil. For topical use only.

All ingredients are organic, biodynamic, ethically and sustainably wild crafted or home grown.

Ingredients- Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol, Jasmine Hydrosol, Aloe Vera Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Castor Oil, Leucidal, Tinctures of Hawthorne and Propolis, Essential oils of Rose, Chamomile, Sandalwood, Geranium, Neroli and Melissa.

If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We believe it is best to use a mineral based sunscreen over all facial products. If pregnant or nursing, check with your doctor before using a new product. Best suited for people over 12 years of age as these products are quite active!